Great Places To Work awards 2015

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited was the highest ranked Pharmaceutical company in its category (‘Small’) in the Great Places to Work annual awards 2015. This is the second consecutive year that Mundipharma was a finalist in these awards. Mundipharma was also the second highest-ranked pharmaceutical company across all company sizes, and, for the second consecutive year, has secured a top-10 position for all companies in the Small (20-100 employees) category.

Ian Sutton, General Manager, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited Ireland, said “It is an endorsement of the great attitude of our valued staff and of the firm’s global culture. We will continue to encourage a corporate culture that recognises and promotes high employee satisfaction and focuses on providing improved therapies for people dealing with chronic illnesses”

Cancer Tales

Cancer Tales is a play that seeks to improve communication between doctors, nurses and their patients in the area of cancer and end-of-life care. The Cancer Tales project was developed by Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Ireland in conjunction with Strawberry Hill Creative. There were three performances for Cancer Tales in Dublin, Cork and Galway. The initiative was also backed by several patient and medical organisations including the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Pain Society, all of whom support the need for educational tools of its kind. Performances were open to all healthcare professionals, palliative care specialists and counsellors.


The educational initiative won the
Best Use of Creativity category - Allianz Business to Arts Awards
Best Education meeting Irish Medical Times Healthcare Awards


OA Suit Project

The campaign aims to highlight the fact that for many of the 400,000 Irish people with the most common form of arthritis, OA is much more serious than mere ‘aches and pains.’ A state-of-the-art equipment developed by a special team at Loughborough University in the UK was brought to Ireland to help medical experts understand the type of discomfort felt by their OA patients.. The suit is designed to constrict movement and inflict topical pain with its 'ouch pouches' - sharp, nobbly, grating or hot packs which press into the wearer during a range of activities – they give a insight to the discomfort and pain felt by those with OA. The empathy suit was worn by HCP so that they might understand what the range of systems their patients described to them by patient might feel like.


The campaign also had a public side supported by Arthritis Ireland and helped by Shane Horgan and Louis Copeland, to let silent OA sufferers know that there is help for pain caused by OA and that anyone with this pain should speak to their HCP and not live in silence.


This educational initiative won the
Best Consumer Healthcare Project
Irish Medical Times Healthcare Awards


Best Consumer Healthcare Project



Irish Medical Times Healthcare Awards




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