Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals associated companies, Mundipharma Research Limited in Cambridge and Mundipharma Research GmbH in Germany, are young, dynamic companies dedicated to the research and development of highly effective and innovative medications.

The main focus is applied research and development. This means that Mundipharma Research converts scientific findings into practical and patient-oriented applications by working on pre-clinical research, pharmaceutical development, clinical development, drug safety, regulatory affairs, and scientific support.

Mundipharma Research develops new medications and optimises the effectiveness of known substances that will offer therapeutic progress for patients. All activities are based upon giving patients a greater quality of life, fulfilling the highest ethical demands whilst meeting scientific curiosity with creativity.

An internal innovation process and ongoing dialogue with partners has taught us to recognise the true needs of doctors and patients. Mundipharma Research concentrates on three therapeutic areas: pain, oncology and respiratory diseases.

The use of the appropriate project management techniques ensures a swift and effective achievement of objectives and provides the very best foundations for delivering excellent results.

Our code of values, professional skills and knowledge, and our leadership style are pivotal to the distinctive character of Mundipharma Research.

Mundipharma Research in brief?

Established in 2006: Integrating two research and development functions into a unified team

Field of Activity: Research, development and registration of innovative medicines and formulation of new therapeutic treatments

Research Areas: Pain, Oncology and Respiratory Disease

Locations: Cambridge (GB) and Limburg (D) with cross locational departments

Employees: Around 250 in two associated companies

Manufacturing and Production

Using sophisticated computerised systems, controls, and highly skilled and trained personnel, our independent associated companies manufacture a range of pharmaceutical products in modern, state-of-the-art production facilities. These operate in full compliance with national and international clinical Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and company standards. The standards, expertise and commitment of our production workforce ensure consistently high quality products for our customers and patients.

Various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, antiseptic and oral solutions, creams and ointments, injectables, aerosols and multi-particulate granules are produced utilising specialised equipment in safe and pleasant working environments.

The independent associated companies' manufacturing, packaging and logistics facilities are situated in:

  • Canada (Purdue Frederick, Inc.)
  • China (Beijing Mundipharma Pharmaceutical Company Limited)
  • Cyprus (Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited)
  • Germany (Mundipharma GmbH)
  • India (Modi-Mundipharma Private Limited)
  • Israel (Rafa Laboratories Limited)
  • USA (Purdue Pharmaceuticals LP and The P.F. Laboratories Inc.)
  • UK (Bard Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals associated companies, Mundipharma Research Limited in Cambridge and Mundipharma Research GmbH in Germany, are young,...


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