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We have built our business around the concept of putting known, trusted and effective molecules into innovative delivery mechanisms so that patients can benefit from improved effectiveness through reduced or improved dosing methods. This approach has led to an impressive list of pioneering ‘firsts’, including the world’s first prolonged release morphine tablets, the first 7-day analgesic patch and Ireland's first prolonged release analgesic combining an opioid agonist with an antagonist.

Our largest area of expertise lies in analgesics, but we also have a rapidly expanding oncology portfolio and a very promising respiratory franchise. We have a healthy product pipeline with a number of analgesic, oncology and respiratory products at various stages of clinical development and scheduled for submission to the regulatory authorities in the near future.

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Corporate Social Responsibility




At Mundipharma Ireland we are committed to developing a diverse portfolio of medicines and devices that meet societal needs. We aim to conduct our business in an ethical, transparent and responsible way, doing what’s right for our employees and partners, while contributing to the communities within which we operate. We look at things from a different perspective and are experts at identifying and developing the potential of medical innovations to help improve patient’s lives in meaningful ways.



Our responsibility in opioid management




We have a proud, 43 year heritage in pain management in Ireland and are committed to enabling healthcare professionals to treat their patients in pain safely and responsibly.


As an organisation that distributes opioid based medicine, we believe we have a responsibility to take measures to minimise the risk of misuse and abuse of these medicines while not depriving the patients that need them.


We recognise that misuse and abuse of pain medications can lead to addiction, overdose and death, and we are aware of the public health risk these potent medications can create, especially when they are diverted, misused and/or abused. That’s why we are committed to reducing the risk of misuse and abuse through a secure supply chain, appropriate education of healthcare professionals, responsible sales and marketing and close collaboration with government authorities and medical organisations.


We fund educational initiatives in line with industry regulations that clearly communicate the facts about opioid medicines in a balanced and responsible manner, outlining both risks and benefits and helping to ensure that our medicines are prescribed only to the right patient for the right reasons.


We are also committed to finding new approaches to the management of pain, including research into new mechanisms and medicines with the potential to reduce or avoid the need for opioids.




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We are actively involved in the following therapeutic areas: Analgesia, Oncology, and Respiratory.


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